Discussions Underway on the Future of Damp Proofing

With weather conditions becoming increasingly unpredictable, it has been suggested there may be a correlation between climate change and the increased occurrence of damp. Evidently the suggestion is that climate change constitutes a contributory factor as opposed to a fundamental element of causation. Research conducted in the U.S. does appear to indicate the suggestion has some validity. … Read more

Door to Door Canvassers Peddling Snake Oil

Residents throughout Kent have recently been targeted by door to door canvassers claiming to be from ‘Veritas-Dutch’. According to their poorly produce literature, they offer to install a series of externally protruding air bricks across your damp wall. Apparently this can be achieved in a single day and without the need to replaster. Veritas-Dutch claim … Read more

Our Thanks To Alan Turnbull

Rochester Building and Damp would sincerely like to thank Alan Turnbull for all his recent hard work. Alan endeavoured to locate some particularly old and rare fixtures and fittings for a Grade II listed building in Bexley. Elaborately designed hinges, ornate door handles and various cast iron fireplace components were some of the items Alan managed … Read more

Record Breaking Customer Satisfaction in 2017

Rochester Building and Damp has achieved record breaking customer satisfaction in 2017; with major projects now extending into East Sussex and North West London. Our acheivements unfortunately come at a time when confidence in the damp industry remains at an all time low. A recent consumer publication report, coupled with online media interest and public feedback, … Read more

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