FREE Same Day Service For Your Damp House

Same Day Damp Inspection, Report and Quotation Without Charge.

Rochester Building and Damp are now able to conduct a inspection of your property and provide a FREE report and quotation the same day.

When a surveyors report advises you contact a timber and damp specialist, or perhaps your tenants have vacated your damp rental property, it’s vitally important that action is taken immediately.

Waiting for a damp report can delay moving into your new home, or result in loss of rental income from prospective new tenants.

We conduct a thorough inspection of the entire property without charge and provide a free, professionally presented in-depth report and quotation.

With over twenty five years of expertise, Rochester Building and Damp are uniquely qualified to assess and report the damp issue in your property.

We guarantee no other timber and damp company in the U.K offers this FREE rapid response service.

Contact us immediately to arrange a no obligation inspection today: 01634 308188 

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