Common Concerns Regarding Damp and Mould




Pam Simmonds 2 reviews. 1 photo

Im almost 6 months pregnant looking forward to the birth of my first child in October.
Our flat which we moved into a year ago is an 1880’s semi submerged basement flat so it has some damp issues in a few of the rooms. I feel by unblocking air bricks, fixing the gutters and frequently using dehumidifiers we have got it to a fairly good point and it doesn’t bother me anymore. There is only one small area of black mould that keeps popping up behind the fridge. We intend to do damp proofing building works, stripping off the plaster, injecting the bricks and re plastering- very messy!) but realistically it has to coincide with other building works and I estimate it taking us a year to save up and get the permissions for this as we leasehold with lewisham council who are are not the quickest!


I’m worried while I no longer notice the damp maybe I’ve just become used to it and I want my new born baby to be raised in the healthiest environment I can offer. However I also think its important the flat we bring the baby home to is calm and not a building site! So as a low cost interim solution I’m intending to wipe down all the walls ( incase there are invisible mould spoors?) and industrially shampoo the carpets and buy a nice new rug to put the baby on on the floor if I need to and keep using the dehumidifier round the house.
Do you think this sounds okay or am I risking my baby’s health? Any other suggestions of ways to improve the environment gratefully received.



 Claire Warwick 3 reviews. 3 photo

Please can someone help or advise. I’m in the  process of buying a house and have just had the survey results back. The house has issues Id expected eg needs redecorating which is fine. However, there were two issues I hadnt expected – the house has evidence of rising damp & penetrating damp in one bedroom at the back due to not being rendered properly.

The surveyor suggests that I ask the seller to get estimates on this being put right and the seller to pay for the work prior to purchase. The ceilings also need to have polystyerne tiles removed as they can be a fume hazard in the event of a fire. Also, the removal of tiles could reveal a ceiling in bad condition which could cost a lot to put right if this is the case. Ive spoken to the estate agents regarding all of this but theyre being a bit off with me and basically said the as long as the surveyor said its worth what Im buying it for thwn its fine and the seller doesnt have to do anything! They also said the seller is an old man with chest problems and doubt he’d want the builders in. They said he might negotiate on price a little but doubt that too! I said I understand but Im a single mum with two young children and having the builders in and the cost of it all is not ideal for me either. I bought the house for £7000 less than the asking price which was a good price for the seller as a lot of cosmetic work needs doing, needs new carpets, tlc, the garage & garden and lots of other things are neglected but Im happy to pay for that but not the big things mentioned in the survey eg the damp proof course which could cost up to £4000. I dont know how much the ceilings wld cost. The estate agent asked me to email the copy of survey so Ive just emailed her the copy of the concerns I have. I like and want the house but obviously I dont want to move somewhere that has problems which need some messy work doing. Im not committed to buy until contracts are signed so at least I have some breathing space. What do you think? I felt the estate agents were being dismissive and made me feel guilty because the seller is old  :-( I feel sorry for him, I really do. Hes moving away to be nearer his children and grandchildren which is lovely but this is a massive thing for me too. Im a first time buyer and have spent years saving for a deposit.


Paminder Singh 2 reviews. 1 photo

I just had the shock of my life this morning. I’ve got yet another chest infection. This will be the fifth one since November and I’m on antibiotics yet again. Anyway when I was in getting poked and prodded my Doctor asked me if I live in a house with any mould? I said yes because we have had mould for years. It always gets worse in the winter and we’ve tried anti-damp paint, anti-mould spray, re-plastering, damp proof courses etc but nothing seems to work. Anyway he has told me that my health will only get worse while I am living here and its only a matter of time before the kids get asthma etc. He also said that if its black mould it can be cancer causing!!!:shock:
Needless to say I have spent much of the morning in floods of tears as we have put so much money out on the house to make it our dream home but because of the credit crunch the value hasn’t really increased much. I’m now facing the stress of selling up and moving.

I know it all sounds a bit drastic but I don’t want the kids to end up with asthma as I have had it since I was seven and have been through some really rough times with it.
The doc is sending me for a chest X-ray but has strongly advised moving house and getting away from the mould.
Has anyone heard of this or has anyone a fail-safe remedy for black mould?
Sorry to moan on but I can feel myself going into complete meltdown!



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Whether you own a property in Chatham, Rochester, Strood, Gillingham or Rainham; Medway houses are notorious for damp, mould and mildew.
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We are essentially a team of respected local multi-trade builders and damp specialists who can locate the source of damp in you’re property and rectify it for good. Whether it’s a drainage problem, a roofing issue or the walls are porous. We have the skills to ensure 100% cessation of damp and back it up with a 20 year guarantee.

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