Need Damp Proofing in Rochester, Strood, Chatham, Gillingham or Maidstone ?

If you live in or near the Medway area and have found damp in your property then we can help. Our experienced team has been providing damp proofing services to domestic and commercial customers for years to deal with damp problems such as rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, dry rot and woodworm.

What we can help with

Chemical Injection DPC and Tanking: Our damp proofing method works by creating a solid barrier against damp – this prevents damp setting back into the wall in the future for the treated walls. This along with our other damp proofing services ensure that damp doesn’t wreak havoc in your property again.

Rising Damp: Rising damp is a common problem that happens due to homes being built on damp soil. The moisture then rises up through the walls in the property – hence the name ‘rising damp’. As you can imagine this causes the property’s walls to absorb the moisture like a sponge causing big issues in your home.

Penetrating Damp: This type of damp usually occurs when vulnerable areas allow moisture through them. These include access through roof tiles, clogged guttering, damaged pointing, inadequate damp proofing. All of the above are ways penetrating damp can attack your property.


Condensation: Condensation is a very common moisture problem in homes across the country resulting in moisture gathering in certain areas as well as green and black mould forming on clothing, ceilings, walls and various surfaces.

Dry Rot: Dry rot is caused when moisture combined with lack of ventilation provides the ideal conditions for fungus to attack. It can affect all types of property, historic or modern and can grow within the cracks and cavities in the walls feeding off debris and wood behind the plaster.

Woodworm: Woodworm is a name given to the infestation of a wooden item by the wood-eating larvae of any of many species of beetle. Signs of woodworm usually consist of holes in the wooden item, with live infestations showing powder around the holes.

Below: Brockenhurst Manor in East Sussex 2019. Rochester Building and Damp were contracted by English Heritage to tank four interconnecting wine cellars. The damp proofing works were documented in a brief segment featured on the BBC2 show ‘Restoration Home’ as major renovation was being undertaken throughout the entire property. 


Below: Stafford House in Downswood, on the outskirts of Maidstone. Remaining a private residence to this day, Stafford House was once the former home of 19th Century prime minister Lord Palmerston. In June 2020 Rochester Building and Damp removed and replaced the majority of timber ground floor-joists due to advanced dry rot and woodworm. Works continued in early August as additional damp proofing was required. The contract was part-funded by the Heritage Trust Alliance, as the property met the conservation requirements of being categorised ‘a building of significant historical interest’.

At Rochester Building and Damp we have a multidisciplinary team standing by ready to take care of your damp problems.

We make the process easy for you by providing a FREE survey, followed by our recommendations with a competitive quote no matter the job. Our friendly team then complete the work – we have everything covered from providing the damp proofing course to plastering and also joinery to ensure your property is not only damp proof, but also looks like new once the work has been completed.

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 Since 2014 Rochester Building and Damp have been the sole timber and damp monitoring contractors for Maidstone Council, Bexley Council and Thanet District Council. We are also fully endorsed by English Heritage and maintain close ties with the Church of England Diocese of Kent, specifically in regard to monitoring and damp control of Anglican Parish ancillary buildings. 





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