Curing Damp – A Simple Solution ?

Damp Proofing, Curing Damp Problems – Rising Damp, Dry & Wet Rot Damp is one of the most frequent problems found in homes in the UK. Here in South East England, Kent and especially Medway an area of the UK with many old Victorian properties, damp is an even more common problem. Curing damp problems is a matter of identifying where the water is getting into the building and then applying the correct solution to damp proof the building. Damp upstairs is usually caused by a problem with the roof which can be as simple as a slipped slate or it can be a failure of flashing on a roof join or around a chimney. Exposed chimneys with cracked render allow damp into the heart of the home via the chimney. We are experienced in chimney work for damp proofing. Old rendering with cracks will allow water to penetrate into the wall. Badly done rendering, perhaps applied in one thick coat rather than a number of thinner coats, can appear OK to the layman but if it has pulled away from the wall it can actually trap damp, forcing it into the house. We can check the existing render and if need be undertake re-rendering to damp proof the property. Rising damp is very common in old properties without the benefit of a damp proof course. Chemical injection is a common damp proofing solution for brick built properties but more difficult to apply and often less effective on stone-built properties.


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