Magnetic DPC Units only £60

A fantastic opportunity to purchase the latest innovation in damp proofing.
Rochester Building and Damp are offering wall-mounted magnetic DPC units for only £60.00 (plus £5.00 p+p)
The damp prevention units can be fixed to any damp wall within your property. 
Developed in Italy, the use of a magnetic damp proof course has recently gained popularity throughout Europe.  
Due to their quick and non-invasive installation many historic cathedrals, museums, and heritage properties have magnetic DPC as their damp proofing method of choice.

Since magnetic DPC units became available in the UK, the price of an individual unit has been prohibitively expensive for the average household. Prices can often exceed £500.00 !!!
The units work by radiating a magnetic field that suppresses water molecules from permeating the damp walls. A standard European model has an effective radius of up to seven meters. Trials on our UK manufactured units have confirmed a consistently efficient operating radius of up to eight meters. 
The units do not require wiring or batteries and will start working the moment they’re installed.
We currently have a limited supply of units available at the discounted price. When our current stock is depleted, new units will become available for pre-order at full retail price.

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