The recognition Rochester Building and Damp has received over the years is a source of immense pride for our team. We are most grateful to the businesses and institutions who have considered us worthy to receive the awards and accolades listed below. 

Most recently, on March 5th 2019, we received confirmation of a provincial business award from representatives of a B.P funded regional initiative. Following acceptance of an ornate trophy, Rochester Building and Damp will be part of an online promotional campaign. 

2019 B.P Provincial Business Initiative

  2018 Recognition of Services. Platinum Seal

  2017 English Heritage Local Support Blue Plaque

 2012 Rochester Investment Program. Distinguished Service 

 2010 Linford Group RHB Award

2007 Kent Services Award. Medway Winner

  2002 Small Business Awards. Gold Standard


 1999  Medway News.  Local Trade Award



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