Construction in Medway: Damp in 19th, 20th and 21st Century Properties

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Victorian building, in both engineering and construction had two particular features. Firstly aesthetics, where elaborate flourishes were incorporated into the features and facades of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Secondly, the intention to construct with durability and longevity more often than not taking precedence over cost. There is a certain irony that if modern internal … Read more

New Property Inspections Information Now Live

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We have recently launched a series of new Property Inspection related pages on our website. Finding out why your property is damp Property inspections beyond Medway Frequently Asked Questions Property Inspections: Statistical Analysis Following Inspection: Advised Methods of Damp Proofing On Average Rochester Building and Damp Receive Six Requests For Inspections in Medway Every Twenty … Read more

Toxic Black Mould In Bluebell Hill New-Build Semi-Detatched

Damp Proofing Medway

Rochester Building and Damp recently conducted an inspection in a modern four bedroom Bluebell hill property.  Advanced stachybotrys growth was present within the lounge internal bay and along the party wall. The hallway stud partition had also been afflicted with mould growth, but more importantly saturation-level ingress was evident 350mm above skirting height and encompassing … Read more

New Build on St.Mary’s Island

  St.Mary’s island is a prime example of aesthetics over practicality. Development has been ongoing for a number of years now, with impressive town house properties in an aesthetically pleasing environment. The majority of properties in this location are unsuited to a marginally harsher environment to that of the rest of Medway. Built on elevated … Read more

Rochester Residential New-Build – Part 2

Horsted Park mould

A cursory perusal of accessible information and statistics, reveals a post millennial upturn in the economy had insentivised London authorities to initiate rehousing an unwanted demographic far outside the areas of potential gentrification. Rent increases for privately owned property became another reason that even the furthest corners of Londons boroughs were inaccessible to those who … Read more

Rochester Residential New-Build – Part 1

Development in Medway and damp in modern properties. Above: Horsted Park a new housing estate built opposite Rochester Airport. Although aesthetically unique and in a potentially prime location, the possibility of mould,mildew and ingress remains an ongoing concern in new-build property. Despite initial appearances to the contrary, the population density within Medway is currently estimated in … Read more

Medways Premier Independent Damp Control and Damp Proofing

100% approval rating

100% approval rating for the 9th year in row As a welcome addition to our list of credentials, we are again pleased to announce a 100% approval rating for the 9th year in row. An independently appointed research committee has confirmed a complete absence of any negative reviews, feedback or indirect forum comment. This is a unique achievement in the … Read more

Damp Proofing System 2022

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Rochester Building and Damp are pleased to announce their involvement in a revolutionary new damp proofing system. Expected for use by March 2022, it uses a triglyceride-based polymer to soak into damp masonry and create an impermeable barrier. As the polymer is especially effective when it reacts with stock bricks and lime mortar, it will … Read more

Rochester Building and Damp in 2018 – Eco Approved Damp Proofing

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The preservation and restoration of Rochesters many listed buildings has been a contentious issue for many years; once again it’s a subject that’s recently gained local media interest as homeowners, landlords and property developers continue to ignore advised procedures pertaining to the renovation of Medways heritage buildings. Whether it’s a privately owned dilapidated Georgian ME1 property, a deteriorating … Read more

South London Premises

To accommodate the demand for works outside of Medway and especially in London; Rochester Building and Damp have obtained a lease on a compact industrial unit in Charlton. With the recent addition of two specialists based in Greenwich and Woolwich, the secure gated unit will provide a centrally located base. We are most grateful to … Read more

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