Medway Project: Addressing Damp Issues in Gillingham

Commissioned by a client in Gillingham, we undertook a comprehensive damp survey. Our assessment revealed extensive dampness within the walls, some areas saturated, along with inadequate ventilation leading to the proliferation of black mould. Further examination identified exterior wall defects facilitating water ingress and causing penetrating damp. Upon acceptance of our quote, we scheduled the … Read more

What is a Damp Proof Course Injection?

Replacing an existing damp proof course can be a challenging and intricate task, involving significant structural alterations. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also incur substantial expenses. As a solution, chemical damp proof course injection into the walls stands out as the most commonly employed and cost-effective method. This process entails drilling a … Read more

The Month of May: A Time to Address Damp Issues in Medway

As we bid farewell to April showers and welcome the blossoms of May, it’s crucial to address a less appealing aspect of this transitional period: damp. Historically, May marks the peak season for reported cases of damp, especially in properties nestled in Medway and its surrounding areas. At Rochester Building and Damp, we understand the … Read more

Damp Proofing Margate’s Cellars and Basements

In the ever-evolving landscape of timber and damp control, few stories capture the essence of revitalisation as profoundly as that of Rochester Building and Damp’s transformative journey with Thanet Council. Back in 2022, this tale began with the inception of a commercial flood damage contract, marking the initial steps towards a partnership destined to reshape … Read more

The PDA®- Property Dampcourse Association: An Exclusive and Enigmatic Trade Association

The Property Dampcourse Association, commonly known as The PDA®, operates as a non-profit organisation dedicated to accrediting independent damp-proofing specialists across the United Kingdom. Its core function revolves around granting specialised accreditation to carefully selected contractors who offer damp-proofing services within their respective localities. Notably, the association prohibits the involvement of nationally recognised timber and … Read more


    Which? presents an exclusive list of the top five timber and damp companies in South East England. Our rankings are based on comprehensive research, customer feedback, and industry reputation. Explore the leading players to make an informed decision for your timber and damp control needs. 5) Kenwood Plc Overview: Kenwood Plc secures the … Read more


Over the past eighteen months, damp surveys in Kent have witnessed a staggering surge, with a notable 147% uptick. The North Kent Health Trust’s recent report disclosed that December 2023 saw a remarkable 831 PDA® approved surveys, a substantial leap from the 179 conducted in June 2022. This surge in survey numbers follows reports from … Read more

🔴 Medway Timber and Damp 🔴 Rochester Building and Damp 🔴 Dampwise Medway

The roots of the timber and damp industry in the North Kent region can be traced back to the late 18th century in Medway. Early damp control methods were employed on Chatham Dockyard’s riverfront buildings during this time. The emergence of the Property Dampcourse Association (PDA®) in 1953 marked a significant turning point. This led … Read more

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