Period, Listed & Heritage Property in Medway

What is it about older properties that we love so much?  From humble alms houses to grand stately homes, why are we prepared to risk costly drainage problems, dodgy roofing issues or restrictive planning covenants?  There is an unquantifiable feeling in a period property that you just don’t get in a new build. Unlike the blank page … Read more

Different Types of Damp

There are two main causes of dampness in your property: rising damp and penetrating damp. Each has different causes and treatments. Rising Damp Rising Damp is a very real possibility wherever a wall is in contact with the ground. The soil, which normally has a high moisture content, acts as a reservoir. The evaporation of … Read more

Damp Oast-House Enquiry

[email protected]   03/01/2022 – 09:46 Martin, Happy New Year to you. Rochester Building and Damp has been recommended to me by our architect and I desperately need your help. We have renovated and extensively enlarged a 150 year old stone property. It was originally an oasthouse with elongated attached lodgings and stables. The entire building … Read more

Curing Damp – A Simple Solution ?

Damp Proofing, Curing Damp Problems – Rising Damp, Dry & Wet Rot Damp is one of the most frequent problems found in homes in the UK. Here in South East England, Kent and especially Medway an area of the UK with many old Victorian properties, damp is an even more common problem. Curing damp problems … Read more

Medway Statues and Memorials: Restoration and Preservation

The Property Dampcourse Association has authorised Rochester Building and Damp to operate as their sole representative in Medway for all PDA© approved Heritage Conservation contracts. Although they won’t undertake the actual renovation, Rochester Building and Damp will oversee and sign off on all remedial works to public monuments, memorials, civic statues and historic sculptures located … Read more

Rochester Building and Damp Can Fix All Your Damp Problems

Dampness within properties is one of the most important maintenance problems that affect buildings and there are 3 main causes: condensation, rising damp, and penetrating damp. As well as the damp smell, mould growth and deterioration of wall plaster and decorations, dampness can actually cause serious damage to the structure of the property. Rising damp is caused by … Read more

Rochester Building and Damp Nomination in Restoration and Preservation Category

Rochester Building and Damp are delighted to announce their nomination for the Small Business Awards 2022 in the Restoration & Preservation Category. The socially distanced event will be held at The Ropeyard Centre in Woolwich, South East London on March 8th in the new year. Martin Sykes and Emma Page from Rochester Building and Damp … Read more

Damp Proofing Guarantee Certificate

Q I bought a house two-and-a-half years ago, which I have now discovered – though an independent surveyors report – has rising damp. A builder has estimated that a new damp proof course together with associated building work will cost about £10,000 to put right. According to the papers that came with the property a … Read more

Bargain Grade II Listed Property for Sale in Canterbury

15th November 2021 Canterbury is an attractive city, with numerous listed buildings from churches and abbeys to banks and almshouses. Practically the whole lane where this building resides is of historical interest. Although not many other properties in Canterbury have  deteriorated to this degree of decrepitude. Plainly it was not always called The Scrap Yard … Read more

Same Day Damp Proofing

In August 2021, Amanda Barrow the former owner of this Edwardian house in Upnor was selling up to move to Surrey. Everything was going well with the sale until the surveyors report came back and stated that there may be damp and timber problems. The buyer then got a free survey carried out by one … Read more

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