Rats and Damp Property in Medway

Water is a necessity of life and just like every other being on this planet, rats need it to survive. As such, a build-up of excessive moisture in your home can attract vermin, which only an effective pest control plan will be able to rectify. Damp and rats go hand in hand and often one of the … Read more

What is a DPC ?

  A damp proof course is a physical or chemical barrier that works to prevent building materials from being saturated by water from the ground. Most modern houses are built with a physical damp proof course in the walls. A plastic or rubber strip at 150mm above the outside ground level which is positioned in … Read more

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Remove Plaster and Inject DPC ?

askaspecialist.co.uk Reproduced With Permission   Damp Proofing Do you need to remove plaster in order to put in a injected damp proof course? alternatively is installing solid wall insulation at the same time a good idea? We’ve been advised to reinstate injected damp proofing a 1920’s semi. Previously undertaken about 30 years ago. We understand … Read more

Recognition from Property Conservation Association

Rochester Building and Damp have received praise from the Property Conservation Association. Medway based Rochester Building Damp have recently undertaken a number of restoration projects within notable property along the Thanet coastline. The former Birchington-on-Sea holiday home of Charles Dickens has recently received much needed care and attention, as decades of coastal erosion resulted in … Read more

How Does British Standard:7913 Affect You

The principles Rochester Building and Damp work to are clearly covered by the BS7913 standard, which describes best practice in the management and treatment of historic buildings. It applies to historic buildings with and without statutory protection such as Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Regency homes from 1700 to 1920. Why we use BS7913 is to provide … Read more

Temporary Closure of Golf and Country Club

Chichester Golf and Country Club will be closed from Monday 14th to Wednesday 23rd September 2020. Major damp proofing works will be undertaken throughout the centrally located Grade II Listed club house (formerly Westbourne Manor) The external perimeter grounds will remain accessible throughout duration of works, with access to golf course strictly prohibited. Further updates … Read more

Alternatives to Traditional Plasters

Martin Sykes of Rochester Building and Damp looks at the alternatives to traditional plasters when seeking to re-cover damp walls, considering the possibilities of impervious coverings along with hybrid and insulated plasterboards.  Traditional plasters have been used on internal walls for thousands of years to create smooth, decorative surfaces. Lime-based plasters, for instance, were being … Read more

Is it Definitely Rising Damp ?

Is it Definitely Rising Damp? Rising damp differentiates from other damp related issues due to a number of key characteristics. Look for the following signs to confirm your problem is rising damp: Tide mark staining, usually yellow or brown hints coming up from the skirting boards. White salty deposits will be left on your wall’s … Read more

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