Dry Rot in Rochester

Dry Rot Case Study: Boley Hill. Works Completed 05/02/21  The picture (above right) is of an expansive detached property in Boley Hill, Rochester. The saying “buyer beware” could not be more appropriate for this tale. Rochester Building and damp received instructions to inspect a property suffering from an outbreak of dry rot. The fungal decay … Read more

Condensation and Mould Shortens Life Expectancy

The Environmental Health Professional Practice produced an article regarding Condensation Mould Fungal Spores, reported by Mark Westacott, Local Government correspondent. A direct link between condensation and mould in houses and some serious illnesses has been established by research carried out for The Institute of Environmental Health Officers. Findings indicate that anyone can become sensitised to … Read more

Damp Proofing in 2021

  It’s an often quoted fact that 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Also, it’s well known that 96.5% of all the Earth’s water are retained within the oceans. However, the manner in which water on Earth behaves has origins not in our historic understanding of geography, physics or chemistry, but on … Read more

A Typical Damp Proofing Job in Medway

Dave Pritchard. Damp Proofing Operative for Rochester Building and Damp Since 2014: We were asked by our client in Upnor to carry out a damp survey. Our damp survey found high levels of damp in the walls, in some areas saturated levels. There was also very little ventilation within the room and evidence of black … Read more

Rats and Damp Property in Medway

Water is a necessity of life and just like every other being on this planet, rats need it to survive. As such, a build-up of excessive moisture in your home can attract vermin, which only an effective pest control plan will be able to rectify. Damp and rats go hand in hand and often one of the … Read more

What is a DPC ?

  A damp proof course is a physical or chemical barrier that works to prevent building materials from being saturated by water from the ground. Most modern houses are built with a physical damp proof course in the walls. A plastic or rubber strip at 150mm above the outside ground level which is positioned in … Read more

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Remove Plaster and Inject DPC ?

askaspecialist.co.uk Reproduced With Permission   Damp Proofing Do you need to remove plaster in order to put in a injected damp proof course? alternatively is installing solid wall insulation at the same time a good idea? We’ve been advised to reinstate injected damp proofing a 1920’s semi. Previously undertaken about 30 years ago. We understand … Read more

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