Old School Damp Proofing

The Use of Bitumen in Modern Damp Proofing and Damp Control Bitumen (commonly referred to as asphalt) is typically thought of as a material for construction, usually with building roads. However what you may not realise is that this material can also be effective when it comes to damp proofing your home.   Importance of Bitumen … Read more

Damp Paint

Damp check paint

I am often asked if applying a respectable brand of ‘damp paint’ will be of any benefit. The simple answer is no. Damp should always be rectified at source and never covered up. Any damp-paint or coating will merely provide tissue-thin moisture resistant membrane that may possibly last days or weeks at best. The practice … Read more

Fixing an ingress with anti-damp paint – Is it possible?

painting anti-damp

When considering the option of buying a new home, damp is high up the unacceptability list. The slightest hint that your intended property has a documented damp issue is usually enough to halt the possibility of an offer. Within Medway, the potential purchaser of openly damp-affected property will often be either first time buyers or … Read more

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