South London Premises

To accommodate the demand for works outside of Medway and especially in London; Rochester Building and Damp have obtained a lease on a compact industrial unit in Charlton. With the recent addition of two specialists based in Greenwich and Woolwich, the secure gated unit will provide a centrally located base. We are most grateful to … Read more

Damp Paint

Damp check paint

I am often asked if applying a respectable brand of ‘damp paint’ will be of any benefit. The simple answer is no. Damp should always be rectified at source and never covered up. Any damp-paint or coating will merely provide tissue-thin moisture resistant membrane that may possibly last days or weeks at best. The practice … Read more

Damp Proofing in Oxford – Making the Right Choice | Part 1

Oxford Damp Proofing

I was recently contacted by a gentleman in Oxford, who imparted to me some information of considerable interest. The gentleman who I shall refer to as Alfred, expressed his regret following a decision to hire a Chatham based contractor to undertake damp-proofing works. Insisting on a Skype call, he relayed how following his parents demise … Read more

Damp in Pre-Edwardian Rochester Properties

rochester property damp

As property in London continues to exponentially increase in price, many a potential investor looks to Medway and specifically Rochester to expand their portfolio. With an abundance of desirable and comparatively affordable properties, the relative close proximity to London, the historical heritage and accessibility to an indefinite choice of amenities; the decision to buy in … Read more

Do you have a low opinion of other damp proofing companies or anyone who considers themselves a surveyor?

  Damp proofing companies install a product. The individuals who perform such tasks have been trained in that particular task and nothing else.   To conduct an accurate survey from which a report proposing works to rectify the causation requires the ability to draw a correlation between factors that can only be obtained from hands-on … Read more

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