What is a DPC ?

  A damp proof course is a physical or chemical barrier that works to prevent building materials from being saturated by water from the ground. Most modern houses are built with a physical damp proof course in the walls. A plastic or rubber strip at 150mm above the outside ground level which is positioned in … Read more

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Damp Proofing in Oxford – Making the Right Choice | Part 2

Test for Damp

The contractor had proposed a 500mm width trench to be dug-out and the footings of the property exposed. His reasoning being, all moisture-laden soil in contact with the external surface of brickwork below ground-level would be alleviated and the brickwork/footings given time to dry out. Alfred approved the works to be undertaken and at considerable … Read more

Listed Building Chemical DPC – Part 2 of 3

Chemical DPC Listed Building

Click here to read part one, ‘Listed Building Damp Proofing’. In this latest post we look at ‘Listed Building Chemical DPC’ by comparison with regular properties and the listed building we recently completed work on in Rochester. As I have stated before, chemical injection DPC has it’s place. In the right circumstances and in a … Read more

Listed Building Damp Proofing – Part 1 of 3

It’s a recognised fact among leading estate agents that a great many listed building sales fall through as a result of damp. Offers routinely get withdrawn as a result of the potential purchasers unsubstantiated fear of the unknown. It’s this fear of the unknown that’s exploited by many leading names in the damp proofing industry. … Read more

Other common damp causes in Medway properties

The impermeable chalk barrier, bridging of DPC, possibility of leakage from gully. What else is common amongst damp Medway properties? Location. Specifically the undulating landscape that encompasses all of Medway. Whilst not a problem in itself, properties are divided by being either on a hill, on top of the hill or at the bottom. This may sound simplistic in … Read more

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