Door to Door Canvassers Peddling Snake Oil

Residents throughout Kent have recently been targeted by door to door canvassers claiming to be from ‘Veritas-Dutch’. According to their poorly produce literature, they offer to install a series of externally protruding air bricks across your damp wall. Apparently this can be achieved in a single day and without the need to replaster. Veritas-Dutch claim … Read more

Our Thanks To Alan Turnbull

Rochester Building and Damp would sincerely like to thank Alan Turnbull for all his recent hard work. Alan endeavoured to locate some particularly old and rare fixtures and fittings for a Grade II listed building in Bexley. Elaborately designed hinges, ornate door handles and various cast iron fireplace components were some of the items Alan managed … Read more

Record Breaking Customer Satisfaction in 2017

Rochester Building and Damp has achieved record breaking customer satisfaction in 2017; with major projects now extending into East Sussex and North West London. Our acheivements unfortunately come at a time when confidence in the damp industry remains at an all time low. A recent consumer publication report, coupled with online media interest and public feedback, … Read more

Building Materials, Tools and Associated Goods –

Rochester Building and Damp endorses Medway’s leading supplier of building materials, tools and associated goods. With highly competitiveness prices, they cater to both trade and DIY. Friendly advice is always at hand, and they go out of their way to ensure you receive your delivery on time. Home and Garden have supplied materials to us for a number of … Read more

Damp Property Investment – Business Hub Event Q&A

On Saturday 2nd September, a brief talk was given by two representatives of Rochester Building and Damp. The informative discussion which included a Q and A session, was introduced by Rochester Building and Damp owner Daniel McLean. The invitation only event was attended by over seventy members of a property investment group. We discussed many damp related topics, including: ‘Should the … Read more

Should investment in Victorian property be avoided due to high probability of damp?

ME1 Rochester Plaster Removal

The landscape of Rochester, Chatham, Strood and Gillingham is easily identifiable through vast numbers of Victorian terraced properties. The development of Medway was rapid from the 1880’s onwards and continued until a secondary phase in the 1930’s which catered to the burgeoning middle class.  The Victorian terraced property was built predominantly for working class families … Read more

Damp Proofing in Oxford – Making the Right Choice | Part 1

Oxford Damp Proofing

I was recently contacted by a gentleman in Oxford, who imparted to me some information of considerable interest. The gentleman who I shall refer to as Alfred, expressed his regret following a decision to hire a Chatham based contractor to undertake damp-proofing works. Insisting on a Skype call, he relayed how following his parents demise … Read more

Damp in Pre-Edwardian Rochester Properties

rochester property damp

As property in London continues to exponentially increase in price, many a potential investor looks to Medway and specifically Rochester to expand their portfolio. With an abundance of desirable and comparatively affordable properties, the relative close proximity to London, the historical heritage and accessibility to an indefinite choice of amenities; the decision to buy in … Read more

Good landlord, bad tenant and a damp property

While Medway remains one of the last vestiges of affordable property in the South East; the opportunity to buy a Victorian terraced house continues to be a sound investment. Whether vetted by an agent or reliant on your own judgment, the correct choice of tenant is imperative to seeing returns on your investment. All too … Read more

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