Bargain Grade II Listed Property for Sale in Canterbury

15th November 2021 Canterbury is an attractive city, with numerous listed buildings from churches and abbeys to banks and almshouses. Practically the whole lane where this building resides is of historical interest. Although not many other properties in Canterbury have  deteriorated to this degree of decrepitude. Plainly it was not always called The Scrap Yard … Read more

Damp Proofing System 2022

Building damp

Rochester Building and Damp are pleased to announce their involvement in a revolutionary new damp proofing system. Expected for use by March 2022, it uses a triglyceride-based polymer to soak into damp masonry and create an impermeable barrier. As the polymer is especially effective when it reacts with stock bricks and lime mortar, it will … Read more

Damp Property Investment – Business Hub Event Q&A

On Saturday 2nd September, a brief talk was given by two representatives of Rochester Building and Damp. The informative discussion which included a Q and A session, was introduced by Rochester Building and Damp owner Daniel McLean. The invitation only event was attended by over seventy members of a property investment group. We discussed many damp related topics, including: ‘Should the … Read more

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