The Property Dampcourse Association, referred to as the PDA®, functions as a non-profit accreditation organisation committed to recognising and supporting independent damp proofing businesses in the United Kingdom. Operating primarily as a voluntary charitable entity, the PDA grants specialised accreditation to carefully chosen contractors providing damp proofing services in their respective localities. Notably, the PDA … Read more

Interview with Roland Harrington – The Guild Hall Stamford 21/11/23

Martin Sykes (MS): Good afternoon, Roland. Thank you for joining me today. Let’s start by reflecting on your remarkable career. You’ve had an eclectic journey, from your early days as a surveyor to overseeing the preservation of properties of historical significance. Can you share with us what initially drew you to this field and how … Read more

Legacy of Dedication

Roland Harrington’s Retirement from The PDA® and the Continued Mission of Property Preservation After a dedicated tenure, Roland Harrington is set to retire from his role as the chief administrator of The PDA® – Property Dampcourse Association. A native of Brincliffe, Sheffield, Mr. Harrington, aged 61, has dedicated the better part of a decade overseeing … Read more

The PDA – Preserving Britain’s Heritage, One Damp Building at a Time

In the heart of Britain’s countryside and cities, history whispers through the walls of dilapidated buildings. These aging structures have stories to tell, but time and dampness are slowly erasing their rich heritage. Enter the Property Dampcourse Association (PDA), an organization driven by an altruistic mission to restore these historical gems and safeguard Britain’s architectural … Read more

Preserving History: PDA® Awards £12,000 for urgent restoration

M3741 Press Release  29/08/23 In an exciting and heartwarming development, the Property Dampcourse Association (PDA®) has extended a generous helping hand to the Tunbridge Wells Memorial Trust by awarding a substantial grant of £12,000. This much-needed financial contribution has been earmarked for the essential structural repairs of the historic Millstone House, a building that holds … Read more

The PDA®: Preserving History through Accreditation and Restoration

The Property Dampcourse Association (PDA®) is a noteworthy non-profit organization in the United Kingdom that plays a vital role in preserving the architectural and historical significance of the nation’s buildings. As an accreditation provider for independent damp proofing specialists, the PDA ensures that only reputable contractors are selected to tackle the challenges of damp-related issues. … Read more

Medway Statues and Memorials: Restoration and Preservation

The Property Dampcourse Association has authorised Rochester Building and Damp to operate as their sole representative in Medway for all PDA© approved Heritage Conservation contracts. Although they won’t undertake the actual renovation, Rochester Building and Damp will oversee and sign off on all remedial works to public monuments, memorials, civic statues and historic sculptures located … Read more

The PDA® – Property Dampcourse Association

  The PDA® – Property Dampcourse Association is a non-profit accreditation provider for selected UK independent damp proofing specialists. The PDA primarily function as a voluntary non-profit charitable organisation that grants specialist accreditation to select contractors who provide damp proofing services to their local area. Nationally recognised timber and damp companies are disallowed on the … Read more

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