Bargain Grade II Listed Property for Sale in Canterbury

15th November 2021 Canterbury is an attractive city, with numerous listed buildings from churches and abbeys to banks and almshouses. Practically the whole lane where this building resides is of historical interest. Although not many other properties in Canterbury have  deteriorated to this degree of decrepitude. Plainly it was not always called The Scrap Yard … Read more

Same Day Damp Proofing

In August 2021, Amanda Barrow the former owner of this Edwardian house in Upnor was selling up to move to Surrey. Everything was going well with the sale until the surveyors report came back and stated that there may be damp and timber problems. The buyer then got a free survey carried out by one … Read more

What Exactly is ‘Damp Proofing’ ?

Within the property preservation industry ‘damp proofing’ is an umbrella term which refers to methods which prevent ingress from degrading the structural integrity your property. Here at Rochester Building and Damp we have more than 30 years of experience and can treat and repair all types of damp problems. No matter if your property is … Read more

Damp Proofing and Damp Control Service

  Professional Damp Proofing and Damp Control Services in Medway At Rochester Building and Damp we pride ourselves on being a reliable and professional damp proofing business with years of experience in both the construction industry and timber & damp business. We offer a professional approach and solution to all your damp proofing issues with … Read more

Damp Treatment in the South East

Historically, farmers, groundworkers, engineers and geophysicists are in agreement that the area of the UK commonly referred to as ‘South East England’ is clearly delineated by its regularly excavated substrata. The initial dense layer of soil on an often oily clay bed, remains in-situ upon a thick chalk foundation. Unfortunately, these three thin layers atop … Read more

Damp in Antiquated Houses

Living in an older building should be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. So why can it sometimes turn into a costly nightmare for some owners? Discovering your building is damp, has dry and wet rot or death watch beetle can be distressing for all owners. But solutions do not need to cost thousands of pounds … Read more

Technology Assisted Damp Detection

Rochester Building and Damp has over 30 years experience specialising in leak detection, damp proofing, damp control, wet rot and dry rot, woodworm, waterproofing and treating of mould and salt contamination. Our work has been undertaken in housing estates, industrial premises, commercial property and residential homes. Our clients have included hospitals, schools, universities, museums, cathedrals, … Read more

Damp Diagnostics Upgrade 2021

 “It’s in the best interests of any local business that serves the community, to stay one step ahead in the game with the required training, technology, tools and equipment. These essential purchases are the life-blood of any venture that has to weather the storm of current economic uncertainty”  Boris Johnson. Interview excerpt courtesy of South … Read more


    Don’t let rising damp ruin your property anymore! Let Rochester Building and Damp provide high-quality damp removal and building preservation services. Our damp surveys help identify the causes of damp. Let our experts assess the cause and magnitude of your damp problems to provide the right solution for your building. Get in touch … Read more

Don’t Ignore Rising Damp

  Rising damp can damage your property from within and can lead to costly repairs. Rochester Building and Damp can visit your property and provide effective damp proofing solutions. In addition to this, we provide solutions for dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm eradication. You can also approach us if you need cavity wall tie … Read more

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