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Rochester Building and Damp are Medways premier independent damp proofing specialists. With over 25 years of experience, we provide an award winning service for the homeowner, landlord, lettings-agency, estate-agent and property developer.

What makes us different ? We are the only Medway based damp proofing specialists with multi-trade construction skills. We care about fixing the damp in your property so it will never return.

The majority of damp proofing contractors are unconcerned as to whether the service they provide is effective or not; the biggest names are the worst offenders. Most companies fail to honour their guarantee certificates when their work invariably fails. The cure to damp is not drilling countless tiny holes into the walls or installing a 'magic' vent. Damp needs to be identified and rectified at source, so there's no possibility of it coming back.

We are so confident in the high quality of service we provide that if damp, mould or mildew return to any treated areas, we will return to rectify the issue at no cost.

Occupying a damp property, even for a very short period can have adverse effects on health. This is most notable in children, the elderly and those with underlying respiratory conditions. Prolonged exposure to stachybotrys or 'toxic black mould' can have dire consequences. Independent research has confirmed a correlation in severely reduced life expectancy and exposure to damp, mould and mildew. Contrary to popular belief, damp always has a cause that can identified during an inspection. Regardless of the age of a property all damp can be remedied.

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