Historic Building Practices in Medway: Part Two

Despite Medways perceived underclass element and the deterioration associated with that environment, investment in Medway and especially Rochester will effectively elevate the area from being one of the remaining vestiges of affordable housing in the South East. Many professionals and educated middle class families are choosing to move away from London (or are being priced … Read more

Historic Building Practices in Medway: Part One

Historic Building Practices in Medway The Victorian era extended from 1837-1901. Other than the many buildings of historical interest (mostly confined to Rochester), you will notice that properties in Medway predominantly fall into the category of being built during the reign of Queen Victoria. Building practices changed little up to the 1920’s when a vast … Read more

There is more rain in Medway than most other places, is that why it is so damp?

Is rain the cause of the all damp? Surprisingly, no. The South East remains comparatively dry in comparison to the rest of the country. Regardless of this, rain shouldn’t be problematic unless an underlying complication already exists in your property. Take Wales for example, it rains to some degree on an almost daily daily basis … Read more

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