Rising Damp: Understanding the Symptoms and Causes

Rising damp, a subject often steeped in debate and occasionally misdiagnosed, primarily affects walls at ground level. Recognizing the signs of rising damp is crucial to address this issue effectively. These symptoms may include: Tide Marks on Internal Walls Efflorescence on Exterior Walls Damage to Wallpaper, Paint, and Plaster An unpleasant damp smell in the … Read more

Don’t Ignore Rising Damp

  Rising damp can damage your property from within and can lead to costly repairs. Rochester Building and Damp can visit your property and provide effective damp proofing solutions. In addition to this, we provide solutions for dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm eradication. You can also approach us if you need cavity wall tie … Read more

Rochester Residential New-Build – Part 2

Horsted Park mould

A cursory perusal of accessible information and statistics, reveals a post millennial upturn in the economy had insentivised London authorities to initiate rehousing an unwanted demographic far outside the areas of potential gentrification. Rent increases for privately owned property became another reason that even the furthest corners of Londons boroughs were inaccessible to those who … Read more

Rochester Building and Damp in 2018 – Eco Approved Damp Proofing

rochester eco damp proofing

The preservation and restoration of Rochesters many listed buildings has been a contentious issue for many years; once again it’s a subject that’s recently gained local media interest as homeowners, landlords and property developers continue to ignore advised procedures pertaining to the renovation of Medways heritage buildings. Whether it’s a privately owned dilapidated Georgian ME1 property, a deteriorating … Read more

Is rising damp caused by rain-water or surface-water going into the wall at ground-level?

“I think i’m right in saying, rising damp must be caused by rain-water or surface-water going into the wall at ground-level?” Wrong, but it is a reasonable assumption. It is the moisture content held below ground level that’s sandwiched between the chalk and concrete. You see, the amount of rainwater that’s in direct contact with … Read more

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