Listed Buildings and Protimeters

My name is Martin Sykes and I am the owner of Rochester Building and Damp Proofing. We are a family run business established in 1993, providing damp proofing, timber treatments and general building services in the Rochester and Medway area in Kent. We take pride in offering a friendly, reliable and professional service and always … Read more

Recognition from Property Conservation Association

Rochester Building and Damp have received praise from the Property Conservation Association. Medway based Rochester Building Damp have recently undertaken a number of restoration projects within notable property along the Thanet coastline. The former Birchington-on-Sea holiday home of Charles Dickens has recently received much needed care and attention, as decades of coastal erosion resulted in … Read more

Lime Plaster in Older Properties

Traditional lime plaster is both porous and non-toxic and is considered to be one of the healthiest surface materials available. It is often used in older buildings that have no damp course or cavities as it allows water to pass through it before shedding this water to avoid damp-related issues. When used alongside lime based … Read more

Living in a Property of Historical Significance

Living in an older building should be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. So why can it sometimes turn into a costly nightmare for some owners? Discovering your building is damp, has dry and wet rot or death watch beetle can be distressing for all owners. But solutions do not need to cost thousands of pounds … Read more

Early Launch of New Damp Proofing System 2019

    Originally expected for use in November 2019, Rochester Building and Damp are pleased to announce the early introduction of a revolutionary new damp proofing system. Governing body certification has been passed a month early, as product is verified non-toxic and classified for professional usage.  The currently unbranded product, colloquially referred to as a … Read more

Rochester Building and Damp – Building of the Month

Building of the Month September 2019: The Old Forge, Canterbury Photo: Adrian Brennan  Canterbury is an attractive historic city, with numerous listed buildings from churches and abbeys to banks and almshouses. Practically the whole of Bishop Lane where this building is located, are listed; as is much else in the area. Although not many other … Read more

Construction in Medway: Damp in 19th, 20th and 21st Century Properties

me2 damp proofing chemical dpc

Victorian building, in both engineering and construction had two particular features. Firstly aesthetics, where elaborate flourishes were incorporated into the features and facades of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Secondly, the intention to construct with durability and longevity more often than not taking precedence over cost. There is a certain irony that if modern internal … Read more

Our Thanks To Alan Turnbull

Rochester Building and Damp would sincerely like to thank Alan Turnbull for all his recent hard work. Alan endeavoured to locate some particularly old and rare fixtures and fittings for a Grade II listed building in Bexley. Elaborately designed hinges, ornate door handles and various cast iron fireplace components were some of the items Alan managed … Read more

Damp Proofing Specialist Leads Restoration of Georgian Vicarage

The Gatehouse

With substantial funds provided by private investors, the subsidised purchase of ‘The Gatehouse’ is a continuing project which should be welcomed by local historians and anyone who appreciates fine architecture. The renovation project, which is expected to be completed in September 2018, is reliant upon the semi-charitable efforts of several local businesses; Rochester Building and … Read more

Damp Proofing in Oxford – Making the Right Choice | Part 1

Oxford Damp Proofing

I was recently contacted by a gentleman in Oxford, who imparted to me some information of considerable interest. The gentleman who I shall refer to as Alfred, expressed his regret following a decision to hire a Chatham based contractor to undertake damp-proofing works. Insisting on a Skype call, he relayed how following his parents demise … Read more

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