Early Launch of New Damp Proofing System 2019


Originally expected for use in November 2019, Rochester Building and Damp are pleased to announce the early introduction of a revolutionary new damp proofing system.

damp protectionGoverning body certification has been passed a month early, as product is verified non-toxic and classified for professional usage. 
The currently unbranded product, colloquially referred to as a ‘polymer-based suppressant coating’ uses a triglyceride-based polymer to soak into damp masonry and create an impermeable barrier.
As the polymer is especially effective when it reacts with stock bricks and lime mortar, it’s an ideal solution for older properties, including  listed buildings.

After liaising with the Aylesford-based developers back in January 2018, Brian Harris an associate of Rochester Building and Damp commented “Damp proofing treatments have mostly been solvent or silane/siloxane based. The use of a triglyceride-based polymer is something entirely new. We foresee this new method as the most effective means to combating damp, especially in Victorian properties”



Above: The Triglyceride-based polymer is innovative within available damp proofing products. Development is based upon the principle of the ionic bond.

In December 2017, local government funding was withdrawn from the developers, causing a brief hiatus in the project until Rochester Building and Damp pledged their support.

damp interiorRochester Building and Damp provided partial funding along with two other undisclosed local businesses.
In January 2018 Emma Newington, a Rochester Building and Damp representative responded that funding was a “shrewd investment” and continued “the majority our work in Medway is Victorian terraced properties; our customers we will benefit greatly if remedial works can be made less invasive. This potential for this new system is enormous”

Currently, the Triglyceride-based polymer is intended for sole usage by Rochester Building and Damp operatives. Continued usage will remain at the discretion of two other undisclosed local businesses who provided the greater percentage of initial funding.




Below: Property built in close proximity to waterlogged ground may benefit greatly from triglyceride-based polymer.


Reproduced with permission.


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