Why is it only U.K property that gets rising damp ?

Rising damp is caused by barometric pressure resulting in capillary action within brickwork that forces ground water to rise upwards. There are those that claim that rising damp isn’t a real phenomenon, but it does exist. It is however rare.Most diagnoses of rising damp are actually misdiagnoses, in that the problem is often poor air … Read more

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Business Hub Q & A, June 2019 and Continental Methodology Promotion

Business Hub Medway Q & A Session, Saturday 1st June 2019 Sponsored by 151 Products Ltd. On the evening of Saturday 1st June, Rochester Building and Damp representatives Emma Page (pictured below) and Matthew Cross successfully provided a series of informative answers to a barrage of questions from a number of attendees at the 10th … Read more

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Damp Property Investment – Business Hub Event Q&A

On Saturday 2nd September, a brief talk was given by two representatives of Rochester Building and Damp. The informative discussion which included a Q and A session, was introduced by Rochester Building and Damp owner Daniel McLean. The invitation only event was attended by over seventy members of a property investment group. We discussed many damp related topics, including: ‘Should the … Read more

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