Damp Property Investment – Business Hub Event Q&A

On Saturday 2nd September, a brief talk was given by two representatives of Rochester Building and Damp. The informative discussion which included a Q and A session, was introduced by Rochester Building and Damp owner Daniel McLean.

The invitation only event was attended by over seventy members of a property investment group.

We discussed many damp related topics, including:

  • ‘Should the purchase of a damp property be avoided?’
  • ‘The many reasons why Victorian terraced properties are prone to damp”
  • ‘The intentional purchase of damp property for a bargain investment’

The talk was only one part of the evening, with contributing key members sharing information on how they built their property portfolios.

“Feedback received from the event was overwhelmingly positive”, says owner Mr. McLean via email  “Although something of a closed-circle, most probably due to their vetting procedure; we were invited by the organisers to attend the event as we have three or four satisfied customers within their ranks. There’s a tremendous amount of dubious information out there regarding damp and we’re always happy to provide help and advice without charge. It’s great to see so many enthusiastic people change their minds about potentially buying a place that’s got ingress related problems. Damp can always be rectified regardless of how bad it is and property is the soundest investment you can make; a shrewd investor should always be aware of this and consider damp proofing a requirement on a par with replacing the boiler or installing double glazing. Unfortunately we only received final confirmation about the event mid-week, so there was little time to prepare; but judging by the great response we’ve had I don’t think it mattered we were a little under-rehearsed” – (Edited article provided courtesy of Margaret Taylor)

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