expert Q&A: How far do you need to go to save your sale?

Rochester Building and Damp have recently featured as one of the UK’s leading damp proofing experts on a Q&A for

Expert Q&A: Damp proofing – how far do you need to go to save your sale?

Questions on damp proofing:

  • What are the most common types of damp and what are the tell-tale signs to look out for in my property?
  • How treatable are the typical types of damp and are there any that can never be completely prevented or eradicated, e.g. in basements of old period properties?
  • Are damp prevention measures ever worth investing in before I have a problem or is it more economical to wait until treatment is needed?

The answers were provided by four leading UK damp proofing and treatment experts, including ourselves.

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