Rochester HMO Property Unfit for Human Habitation


A private landlord has been ordered to pay £12,000 in fines and costs after inspectors discovered several deficiencies in a property on Maidstone Road in Rochester.
Faults included rising-damp and toxic black mould throughout the ground floor. Additionally, no working fire alarms, no fire doors, defective electrics and inadequate bathroom amenities.
The ceiling of one bedroom had almost entirely caved in, due to a number of missing roof tiles. The resulting influx of rainwater had saturated the walls and floor for many months.


Environmental Health Inspector Raj Shriva commented: “I’m appalled that the extent of damp coupled with many other defective element have only just come to light. Evidently, tenants suffered the indignity of occupying a property unfit for human habitation for a very long time” 

The landlord Badawi Abimbola had ignored requests to produce gas and electrical testing certificates.
But despite the fact that an improvement notice was served under the Housing Act 2004, environmental health officers discovered upon inspection, that the improvement notice had not been complied with and that the gas boiler had been condemned for safety reasons.
Mr.Abimbola pleaded guilty to all eight offences relating to the rental property.

These offences included failing to comply with an Improvement Notice, failing to register rental property, failing to obtain a licence to manage rental property and failure to supply gas and electrical test certificates.
Mr.Abimbola, who has acquired a portfolio of sixteen properties, was fined £9000 and ordered to pay a contribution of £3000 to accumulated costs.

Chief Officer Roy Morris, commented: “Hopefully a clear message has been sent. We will not tolerate the poor management of Houses in Multiple Occupation in our area. This legislation is designed to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of some of our most vulnerable residents. It our commitment to ensuring homes in the private rented sector are in good repair, have all the necessary amenities and are properly managed.”

Reproduced with permission: ‘Property Week’.

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Reproduced with permission: ‘AzBusiness Magazine’.


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