A Solution to Mould and Mildew

With the cold front starting to hit homes all over the U.K it’s this sort of weather that can cause potential problems for landlords.
Tenants can vacate their homes for two to three weeks, mid-way into January with risk being placed upon your property if certain steps aren’t taken.One of the biggest risks seen by the impending colder weather is damp and mould which is seen as a common problematic area for landlords and Rochester Building and Damp want to help. We can offer expert advice regarding your property, so with the right precautions, damp and mould could be a thing of the past.

What’s the cause?

Condensation and moisture are the simple causes of mould growth which happens when warm moist air produced by something as simple as coking or showering comes into contact with a cold surface like a window or wall.
Without ventilation the warm moisture will remain on the cold surfaces creating the perfect breeding ground for mould, often leading to outbreaks in the corners of rooms and in cupboards. However, it’s not limited to just cold surfaces. Depending on the condensation spread you may also notice furniture and clothes becoming affected too.
It is true that condensation and bad ventilation isn’t the only factor that can cause mould growth. Rising and penetrating damp, blocked guttering or external plumbing can also trigger growths.

Condensation crisis

There are a few examples of what could cause condensation in properties; these range from a lack of insulation, especially in older properties, cold spots and thermal bridging and the aforementioned lack of ventilation.
For landlords it’s vital to know what is behind damp and mould before you can pass on advice to your tenants on how to prevent or tackle the problem.

Breaking the mould

The correct balance of heating and ventilation can tackle condensation and therefore prevent the growth of mould.
Improving ventilation by opening windows and trickle vents along with having a constant temperature in vulnerable rooms are the biggest remedies in tackling damp and mould.
It should also be noted, that preventing moisture build up is another way of stopping growth at the source. 




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