Tackling Damp Issues: Unveiling the Latest Statistics from The O.N.S

Damp walls and ceilings has been a persistent issue that plagues homeowners and landlords alike. In early August 2023, The Office of National Statistics (ONS) shed light on a concerning revelation: a staggering percentage of properties in South East England are battling some degree of dampness. The numbers are eye-opening, with Medway topping the charts at 67%, followed by Maidstone at 51%, Gravesend at 43%, and Dartford faring better at 28%. In this blog post, we dive deep into these figures and discuss how Rochester Building and Damp, the premier independent damp control specialists in the region, can play a crucial role in tackling this pervasive issue.


Understanding the Figures: The figures released by ONS have sent shockwaves through the South East, revealing the pervasive nature of damp problems in the region. Medway takes the lead with a staggering 67% of properties facing damp issues. This concerning statistic emphasises the urgency of addressing damp problems before they escalate into more serious structural issues and health hazards. Maidstone follows closely behind at 51%, while Gravesend stands at 43%. The town of Dartford seems to have a better handle on damp issues, recording a relatively lower percentage of 28%.

The Dangers of Dampness: Dampness in properties is not merely an aesthetic concern; it poses serious risks to both the structural integrity of buildings and the health of their occupants. Mould growth, rotting wood, and compromised foundations are some of the potential outcomes of untreated dampness. Beyond the physical damage, damp environments can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and other health complications in residents. These alarming statistics underscore the need for proactive damp control measures.

Rochester Building and Damp: Your Trusted Solution: In the face of these concerning statistics, homeowners and property managers need a reliable partner to combat damp problems effectively. That’s where Rochester Building and Damp comes into the picture. With years of experience as the premier independent damp control specialists in South East England, Rochester Building and Damp is equipped with the expertise and tools to tackle damp issues head-on.

Our Services:

  1. Damp Inspection and Assessment: Our experts perform thorough inspections to identify the root causes and extent of dampness in your property. This assessment guides our tailored approach to damp control.

  2. Effective Damp Proofing: We utilise state-of-the-art damp proofing techniques to create a barrier against moisture, preventing its intrusion and subsequent damage.

  3. Timber Treatments: Dampness often leads to timber decay. Our specialised treatments ensure the longevity of your wooden structures, saving you from costly replacements.

  4. Mould Remediation: Mold not only worsens dampness but also poses health risks. We safely remove existing mold and implement measures to prevent its reoccurrence.

  5. Structural Repairs: If dampness has already caused structural damage, we offer comprehensive repair services to restore your property’s stability.

Conclusion: The figures released by ONS are a wake-up call for property owners in South East England to take proactive steps in addressing damp problems. With Medway at a staggering 67%, the urgency cannot be overstated. Rochester Building and Damp stands as a beacon of hope, offering tailored solutions to combat dampness effectively. Don’t let your property fall victim to the damaging effects of dampness; consult the experts and safeguard your investment today.

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