Expanding Horizons: Rochester Building and Damp’s Thriving Partnership in Margate

Welcome to the official blog of Martin Sykes and Rochester Building and Damp.
We’re excited to share the latest news and updates about our journey as a damp proofing company. Over the past eighteen months, we’ve been making significant strides in expanding our operations and improving our services.

A Change of Scenery

It all started when Emma Page and myself, who are co-owners of Rochester Building and Damp, relocated our base of operations to the picturesque coastal town of Cliftonville, Margate. Our mission: to oversee a commercial flood damage contract for Thanet Council. The initial contract was met with such success that it has been renewed, and our alliance with Thanet Council is set to continue well into 2024.


The Power of Partnership

In addition to this exciting development, we also joined forces with Dampwise Medway, a former rival timber & damp business. This strategic partnership has allowed us to combine our expertise and resources to provide even better services to our clients. The synergy between the two companies has been remarkable, and we’re now able to offer a broader range of solutions in the damp proofing industry.

The Backbone of Our Team

Behind the scenes, we have a dedicated and skilled team working tirelessly to ensure the success of our projects. Dan McLean, a seasoned damp proofing contractor with years of experience at Rochester Building and Damp, remains in Medway. He continues to undertake residential chemical injection damp proof course jobs, along with domestic and commercial timber treatment. 

Dan is not alone in this endeavor. He is routinely assisted by two highly experienced independent timber and damp specialists, Gary Pierson and Winston Marley. Both have been valuable members of our team for many years, contributing their expertise to our projects.

A Shift in Focus

With the success of our partnership and the commercial flood damage contract, we’ve made the strategic decision to adjust our operations in Medway. The focus will shift entirely towards residential chemical DPC injection and timber treatment. Invasive works, such as tanking and plastering, will be phased out.

The Margate Advantage

Emma and myself both agree that Margate provides an excellent environment for developing a commercially oriented business model. The vibrant community and the opportunities in this coastal town have proven to be a perfect match for our company’s growth and development.

Looking to the Future

For the foreseeable future, Dan McLean will remain in Medway, continuing to provide top-notch service to countless local residential customers. Our commitment to quality and excellence remains unwavering, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. 
In Thanet, we’re currently in talks with representatives from the  PDA® (Property Dampcourse Association)
Major restoration is being planned on one of Margate’s most historic buildings and Rochester Building and Damp is the forerunner as the damp contractor to provide extensive remedial works across it’s four floors and extensive wine cellar. 

Look out for more regular updates on our projects, innovations, and stories from our journey. We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving our clients with the best damp proofing solutions in the industry.


Martin Sykes – Rochester Building and Damp

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