The Property Dampcourse Association, referred to as the PDA®, functions as a non-profit accreditation organisation committed to recognising and supporting independent damp proofing businesses in the United Kingdom.

Operating primarily as a voluntary charitable entity, the PDA grants specialised accreditation to carefully chosen contractors providing damp proofing services in their respective localities. Notably, the PDA intentionally excludes nationally recognised timber and damp companies, citing documented instances of widespread unethical practices, as frequently highlighted in media reports.

Entry to the PDA is strictly by invitation, and accreditation is contingent upon a thorough evaluation of approved methodologies, professional experience, commendations, and demonstrated contributions to the local community, particularly in the context of preserving listed buildings.

Beyond its primary role in accrediting specialists, the PDA has a secondary philanthropic objective. The association annually offers limited financial aid to buildings of historical significance across the UK. These targeted contributions are specifically allocated to support damp-proofing and damp-control requirements during the restoration of British buildings deemed to possess architectural or historical importance.

Generous Donation from The PDA® Boosts Restoration Efforts for St. Augustine’s Chapel

The Property Dampcourse Association, known as The PDA®, has extended a helping hand to the Holmbury St Mary Trust by making a substantial donation of £13,000. The funds are earmarked for the much-needed renovation works at St. Augustine’s Chapel, a historical gem nestled in the heart of Surrey.
The former Church of England Chapel was built in 1813 for the local Ecclesiastical parish. Surrounded by privately owned woodland, the Chapel has a rich history, including it’s conversion into a school house in 1938, one year prior to the outbreak of World War II. Although currently in a state of disrepair, the chapel provided wartime education for local village pupils, including the renowned English operatic soprano, Adele Leigh (15 June 1928 – 23 May 2004). Notably, in adult life she became the wife of the Austrian ambassador in London.

In 2018, English Heritage took ownership of the former chapel, recognising its unique architectural and historical significance. Despite its practical dereliction, the chapel stands as a testament to a bygone era and holds sentimental value for many in the local community.
The generous donation from The PDA® comes as a welcome boost for the Holmbury St Mary Trust, which has been tirelessly working towards the restoration of St. Augustine’s Chapel. The funds will play a crucial role in addressing the desperate need for renovation, ensuring the preservation of this local heritage site.

The Holmbury St Mary Trust is racing against time, aiming to meet the December 2024 deadline for the completion of the restoration project. With the support of The PDA® and its commitment to preserving historical landmarks, there is renewed hope for the timely and successful completion of this significant undertaking.
The PDA® remains dedicated not only to accrediting independent damp proofing businesses but also to contributing to the preservation of historical sites across the UK. This philanthropic gesture underscores the association’s commitment to supporting local communities and safeguarding the architectural heritage that enriches our collective history.

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