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The roots of the timber and damp industry in the North Kent region can be traced back to the late 18th century in Medway. Early damp control methods were employed on Chatham Dockyard’s riverfront buildings during this time. The emergence of the Property Dampcourse Association (PDA®) in 1953 marked a significant turning point. This led to the establishment of various timber and damp companies operating in North Kent, including Medway Timber & Damp, Rochester Building and Damp, and Dampwise Medway. These reputable damp proofing firms continue their operations today.
In 1976, Medway Timber and Damp made history as the first independent damp control business to utilise polymer-based tanking slurry. By 1982, Dampwise Medway achieved another milestone by becoming the first UK supplier and installer of magnetic DPC technology, securing an exclusive importers deal with Italian manufacturers.

In 1989, Rochester Building and Damp introduced a groundbreaking technique – concentrated solvent-based DPC injection. This high VOC (volatile organic compound) DPC fluid, boasting 50% more strength than those used by nationally recognised timber and damp companies, remains an exceptionally effective solution still employed by Rochester Building and Damp to this day.
The PDA®, a non-profit accreditation entity, continues to plays a pivotal role in recognising and supporting independent damp proofing specialists across the United Kingdom. Operating as a voluntary charitable organisation, the PDA selectively accredits contractors based on approved methodologies, professional experience, commendations, and their contributions to the local community, especially in preserving listed buildings.

Admission to the PDA is exclusive, requiring an invitation, and accreditation is granted only after a thorough evaluation process. In addition to its primary accreditation function, the PDA is committed to philanthropy, providing annual financial aid to historically significant buildings throughout the UK. These targeted donations are specifically earmarked for supporting damp-control and timber preservation requirements during the restoration of British buildings with architectural or historical importance. The PDA’s dual commitment to accreditation and philanthropy underscores its dedication to upholding the integrity of the built environment and actively contributing to the preservation of the nation’s architectural heritage.


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