Medway Project: Addressing Damp Issues in Gillingham

Commissioned by a client in Gillingham, we undertook a comprehensive damp survey. Our assessment revealed extensive dampness within the walls, some areas saturated, along with inadequate ventilation leading to the proliferation of black mould. Further examination identified exterior wall defects facilitating water ingress and causing penetrating damp. Upon acceptance of our quote, we scheduled the necessary works.

Maintaining cleanliness throughout the process is paramount for Rochester Building and Damp. We prioritise tidiness, ensuring minimal disruption. Utilising high-grade damp proofing materials, we guarantee the longevity of our solutions. Continuous communication with our counterparts in Thanet ensures seamless coordination, culminating in the issuance of a 20-Year Guarantee Certificate upon completion.

Our approach commenced with the meticulous removal of plaster and plasterboard, exposing blockwork. We discovered foam insulation obstructing the cavity, exacerbating moisture penetration. Addressing ventilation deficiencies, we installed airbricks to facilitate airflow. An antisulphate wash was applied to treat damp and salt-affected masonry, followed by a 24-hour drying period. Subsequently, an SBR bonding coat was administered to the blockwork before the application of Tanking Slurry—a proven four-stage system that’s also used in coastal flood defenses.

Upon completion, damp meter readings confirmed the eradication of moisture, delighting our client. After allowing sufficient drying time, we applied specialist finishing plaster to promote breathability. Thorough cleaning concluded our work, leaving the property immaculate.

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