Damp Paint

I am often asked if applying a respectable brand of ‘damp paint’ will be of any benefit.

The simple answer is no.

Damp should always be rectified at source and never covered up.

Any damp-paint or coating will merely provide tissue-thin moisture resistant membrane that may possibly last days or weeks at best.

The practice of covering up an ingress is unfortunately supported by otherwise reputable manufactures. They often promote damp proofing paint as a viable option to the most profound saturation-level ingress.

Above: Chatham end of terrace property recently for sale. The borderline ‘at risk’ protimeter reading is due to a thick coating of damp paint concealing an underlying breach of DPC. The source of ingress was trace to a leaking pipe under the neighbours floor. In this instance, the neighbour was obliging enough to pay for the plumbing repair in question.

More information will be available on our website in the coming weeks about damp-proofing solutions. In the meantime, please call 07970862057.

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