Record Breaking Customer Satisfaction in 2017

Rochester Building and Damp has achieved record breaking customer satisfaction in 2017; with major projects now extending into East Sussex and North West London.

Our acheivements unfortunately come at a time when confidence in the damp industry remains at an all time low.

A recent consumer publication report, coupled with online media interest and public feedback, have created an environment in which considerable wariness is advised when dealing with timber and damp companies in general.

In an effort to allay fears and reduce the level of mistrust which has historically pervaded the damp industry, Rochester Building and Damp has always acknowledged that ‘damp-control’ and ‘damp-proofing’ are areas which attract cowboys in the building trade.

Obviously, a careful approach on the part of the customer is always advisable. When Rochester Building and Damp provides a free, no-obligation report and quotation to the potential customer, we always explain the possible poor advice or underhand techniques used by other firms if intending to pursue comparison quotes.

Without any intention to malign independent contractors who carry out effective damp works; we are aware many small firms now have the capacity to efficiently undertake damp proofing works in the residential field. However, the guarantee we provide on all completed works is fundamental to how we conduct business:  We are obligated for a twenty year period to immediately rectify the source and resultant deterioration should ingress return.

As far as we are aware, no reputable independent contractor currently offers such a guarantee and insofar as many nationwide companies are concerned, their businesses usually accommodate a shocking 30% failure-rate.

This failure-rate is taken into account during the inspection/quotation stage. When a customer complains that the damp proofing has failed, a subsequent inspection will almost always reveal the “damp has reoccurred as a result of a new and different source of ingress.” If the customer was originally informed the ingress was a breach of DPC, he will invariably be told the current ingress is a result of “external porosity” thus giving an opportunity for the unscrupulous business to charge for further unnecessary and ineffective works.

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