Door to Door Canvassers Peddling Snake Oil

Residents throughout Kent have recently been targeted by door to door canvassers claiming to be from ‘Veritas-Dutch’. According to their poorly produce literature, they offer to install a series of externally protruding air bricks across your damp wall. Apparently this can be achieved in a single day and without the need to replaster.

Veritas-Dutch claim the unique air bricks will reduce condensation and dry out saturated walls. The booklet also states they are the “eco friendly option in damp proofing”

‘Veritas-Dutch’ has neither a website, reviews or any accessible online marketing; they would appear to operate entirely through door to door and possibly telephone canvassing.

The air bricks in question supposedly work by ventilating the internal damp masonry as opposed to ventilating the interior of the property.

Clearly Veritas-Dutch are peddling snake oil and further tainting an already besmirched damp proofing industry.

Mould and milew, or an ingress will not be rectified by inserting a vent into one side of the wall. Their literature is based entirely on pseudoscience and offers no practical advice on either preventative measures or alternate and effective treatments.

Canvassers are reported to be smart in appearance and friendly. The booklet they leave with potential customers has contact numbers for a Bristol based office, although there’s also an address for an industrial unit in Holland.

Don’t be fooled. Please reconsider if you are researching options or have come across canvassers for companies such as Veritas-Dutch.

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