Discussions Underway on the Future of Damp Proofing

With weather conditions becoming increasingly unpredictable, it has been suggested there may be a correlation between climate change and the increased occurrence of damp.

Evidently the suggestion is that climate change constitutes a contributory factor as opposed to a fundamental element of causation.

Research conducted in the U.S. does appear to indicate the suggestion has some validity.

In the U.K. the predominant concern is the changing climates effect on cavity walls; this particular effect was apparently documented as far back as the early 1990’s.

The concept of climate change and global warming has it’s skeptics, especially on the subject of whether the effect is ‘man made’ or not.

What cannot be argued though, is how extreme weather conditions are becoming commonplace worldwide.

Rochester Building and Damp is currently communicating with several experts on the subject of climate change to access the feasibility and practicalities involved in updating damp treatment methods in the future, should it be required.

Below: Very early example of cavity wall bay. Despite being 100 years old, the external brick and internal cinder-block bay has only been affected with ingress since the 1990’s. 


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