Damp Proofing in 2021


It’s an often quoted fact that 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water.
Also, it’s well known that 96.5% of all the Earth’s water are retained within the oceans.
However, the manner in which water on Earth behaves has origins not in our historic understanding of geography, physics or chemistry, but on recently discovered effects of quantum theory which includes the concepts of abiogenesis and electromagnetic force.

Classical physics states that the movement of water particles relies upon three distinct forces:

(i) Gravitational Pull
(ii) Potential Energy
(iii) Osmosis 

In actuality, it was discovered in December 2020 that under the right conditions, condensed water molecules retained in the vacuum of space have the capacity to act independently of external forces.
This concept expands significantly on principles laid out in The Second Laws of Thermodynamics.


The revolutionary new water molecule discovery in 2020 by NASA’s GAIA satellite has obviously had a profound impact on our understanding of water and how it’s not only one of the universes fundamental elements, but could potentially be classified as an organism. Indeed, the principle of individual molecules collectively behaving in a particular manner as opposed to involuntarily reacting to an external force is the definition of an organism as specified in Grafton’s 2003 Exogenesis Hypothesis.
It should be noted, the term ‘quantum electrodynamics’ was coined in the 2003 Hypothesis. At the time the concept of quantum electrodynamics (how energy and matter interact) was partially theoretical, with validation only confirmed in the last couple of years.

So how does this recent scientific discovery relating to water have an impact on damp proofing ?

Damp proofing and damp control have always been based on key principles in our understanding of how water reacts.
Whether it’s rainwater upon the porous brickwork of a Victorian terrace or saturation of the deep concrete footings in a modern block of flats.
At Rochester Building and Damp we are always ready to embrace science and increase our understanding of new discoveries.
We all know water doesn’t always behave in an anticipated way. For instance, a leaking roof will often become apparent when a damp patch appears on the ceiling perhaps a great distance from where the missing roof tile can be located.
If a new scientific concept is has been confirmed, you can be sure we are always ready to include it in our unique and effective damp proofing methodology. 






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