The PDA® – Property Dampcourse Association

The PDA® – Property Dampcourse Association is a non-profit accreditation provider for selected UK independent damp proofing specialists.
They primarily function as a voluntary non-profit charitable organisation intent on providing specialist accreditation to select contractors within the damp proofing and damp control industry.

Membership is by invitation only, with accreditation based on approved methodology, experience, accolades and assessed contributions to the community through the preservation of listed buildings.
Their secondary aim relates to providing annual donations to buildings of historic significance throughout the UK. These limited financial contributions are provided with the specific intention of helping fund damp-proofing and damp-control requirements during the restoration of British buildings considered to be of either architectural or historic significance.

Rochester Building and Damp received full accreditation from the PDA in 2012.
After exceeding the required criteria, the Property Dampcourse Association also bestowed a Community Recognition Award to Rochester Building and Damp in 2014. This greatly appreciated accolade was awarded for “outstanding restoration works” which were undertaken in The Guildhall Museum, Rochester.

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