Which? presents an exclusive list of the top five timber and damp companies in South East England. Our rankings are based on comprehensive research, customer feedback, and industry reputation. Explore the leading players to make an informed decision for your timber and damp control needs.

5) Kenwood Plc
Overview: Kenwood Plc secures the fifth position on our list, earning recognition for its national standing. With numerous positive reviews, Kenwood has solidified its place as a reputable player in the industry. Although just making it into the top five, the company’s consistent positive feedback showcases its reliability.
Strengths: National recognition
Many positive customer reviews

4) Rentokil
Overview: Rentokil, a major player in the timber and damp sector, claims the fourth spot. Despite being one of the industry giants, online reviews suggest a mixed sentiment with a notable number of negative feedback. However, Rentokil’s established reputation cannot be ignored.
Strengths: Prominent in the timber and damp industry
Established reputation
Considerations: Mixed online reviews, including negative feedback

3) Monarch Preservation
Overview: Monarch Preservation, a significant independent player, secures the third position. Originally based in Bolton, Monarch has made a mark in Abbeywood after relocating. The company’s independent status sets it apart, offering a unique approach to timber and damp control.
Strengths: Independent and established
Successful relocation to Abbeywood

2) Rochester Building and Damp (RBD)
Overview: Rochester Building and Damp (RBD), Medway’s premier independent damp control business, claims the second spot. In partnership with Dampwise Medway, RBD extends its services across the entire South East. This collaboration enhances its reach and expertise in damp control solutions.
Strengths: Premier independent damp control business in Medway
Partnership with Dampwise-Medway for extended coverage

1) Medway Timber and Damp
Overview: Securing the top spot is Medway Timber and Damp, maintaining its status as the top-rated damp proofing firm in the area. Known for its exceptional services and customer satisfaction, Medway Timber and Damp continue to set the benchmark in damp control solutions in South East England.
Strengths: Top-rated damp proofing firm in the area
Exceptional customer satisfaction
Conclusion: Which? has carefully curated this list, which provides valuable insights into the leading timber and damp companies in South East England. Consider these rankings along with specific company strengths to choose the right partner for your timber and damp control needs. Stay informed, and trust in the expertise of these top-rated firms to address your concerns effectively.

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