The PDA®- Property Dampcourse Association: An Exclusive and Enigmatic Trade Association

The Property Dampcourse Association, commonly known as The PDA®, operates as a non-profit organisation dedicated to accrediting independent damp-proofing specialists across the United Kingdom. Its core function revolves around granting specialised accreditation to carefully selected contractors who offer damp-proofing services within their respective localities. Notably, the association prohibits the involvement of nationally recognised timber and damp companies due to documented instances of unethical practices frequently highlighted in the media.

Membership in The PDA® is exclusive and invitation-only, with accreditation criteria based on approved methodologies, extensive experience, commendations, and demonstrated contributions to the local community, particularly in preserving listed buildings. This stringent selection process ensures that accredited members uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in their damp-proofing endeavors.

In addition to its primary accreditation role, The PDA® also serves a secondary objective of contributing annual donations to historically significant buildings across the UK. These targeted financial allocations are specifically earmarked to support damp-proofing and damp-control requirements during the restoration of British structures recognised for their architectural or historic significance.

By focusing on accrediting reputable contractors and supporting the preservation of historic buildings, The PDA® plays a vital role in promoting integrity, quality, and community involvement within the damp-proofing industry. Through its dual mandate of accreditation and charitable contributions, the association not only safeguards the integrity of property structures but also contributes to the preservation of the nation’s architectural heritage.

What sets The Property Dampcourse Association apart from other Timber & Damp Trade Associations ?
The answer lies in the prevalence of unscrupulous contractors within the damp-proofing industry. Damp control, being largely unregulated and operating on the outskirts of the construction sector, presents a significant challenge. This sector primarily focuses on refurbishments rather than new builds, resulting in minimal legislative oversight from local authorities.

While The Property Care Association (PCA) garners considerable attention and respect from mortgage providers and RICS affiliated surveyors, its monopoly over the industry lacks integrity compared to The Property Dampcourse Association (PDA®).
The PCA often promotes its own products and methods, which may not align with the specialised measures required for damp rectification in heritage properties. Furthermore, obtaining a PCA qualification merely entails enrolling in their costly courses and seminars, a practice that does little to enhance the association’s credibility.

In stark contrast, admission to The Property Dampcourse Association – PDA® is strictly by invitation. Extensive research precedes any invitation extended to a timber and damp business, sometimes spanning several months. Currently, as of 2024, there are only 63 PDA-approved damp-proofing contractors operating in the UK. This exclusivity positions the PDA as the premier independent trade association in Britain, renowned for its discerning selection process and commitment to maintaining industry standards.

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