Guarantee Certificates !  Part one.

I received an email from an elderly gentleman in Wolverhampton; he was enquiring as to whether I am associated in any way to a damp proofing firm which operated in Medway, circa 1995. I informed him I had never heard of this particular firm (Rochester Damp Proofing) but I asked out of curiosity why he … Read more

Great news ! 

Following an Energy Group funded initiative for Kent based small independent businesses, Rochester Building and Damp has been informed of a considerable number of nominations. Results will be announced later in the year; however, as customer satisfaction and feedback are key to the outcome we remain quietly confident. We thank all our customers, associates and … Read more

Good landlord, bad tenant and a damp property

While Medway remains one of the last vestiges of affordable property in the South East; the opportunity to buy a Victorian terraced house continues to be a sound investment. Whether vetted by an agent or reliant on your own judgment, the correct choice of tenant is imperative to seeing returns on your investment. All too … Read more

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