Damp in Pre-Edwardian Rochester Properties

rochester property damp

As property in London continues to exponentially increase in price, many a potential investor looks to Medway and specifically Rochester to expand their portfolio. With an abundance of desirable and comparatively affordable properties, the relative close proximity to London, the historical heritage and accessibility to an indefinite choice of amenities; the decision to buy in … Read more

Guarantee Certificates !  Part one.

I received an email from an elderly gentleman in Wolverhampton; he was enquiring as to whether I am associated in any way to a damp proofing firm which operated in Medway, circa 1995. I informed him I had never heard of this particular firm (Rochester Damp Proofing) but I asked out of curiosity why he … Read more

Great news ! 

Following an Energy Group funded initiative for Kent based small independent businesses, Rochester Building and Damp has been informed of a considerable number of nominations. Results will be announced later in the year; however, as customer satisfaction and feedback are key to the outcome we remain quietly confident. We thank all our customers, associates and … Read more

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