Rochester Building and Damp only undertake non-toxic and environmentally friendly timber preservation treatments. Whether it’s a woodworm infestation, wet-rot or dry-rot, we ensure your property can remain occupied immediately after treatment.

Rochester Building and Damp are experts in treating timber that’s either been infested by wood boring insects or afflicted with fungal decay.


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Rochester Building and Damp remains a small local business based in Rochester which provides a woodworm and rising damp service throughout Kent. At Rochester Building and Damp, we have been treating woodworm, dry rot and wet in an array of properties for almost 30 years, so trust us when we say we know our stuff!

Rotting timber as a result of fungal decay is a serious problem if found within your property. It is very important to treat the problem as soon as possible. Without treating it, the dry rot will grow, feed off and destroy the timbers in your property and may lead to structural problems. Dry rot and wet rot are especially problematic when either the floor-joists or roof timber become permeated. If left to deteriorate for a number of years, the affected floor or roof of your property could literally collapse. In short, the longer you leave a rotting timber problem, the worse it becomes and the more costly it is to repair.

If you have concerns about a possible infestation or worried about wet/dry rot, then contact us today for a concise report and quotation. A 20 Year Guarantee Certificate will be provided on all completed works:

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