Originating many years ago as local family owned building firm with a sideline in mould and ingress control, Rochester Building and Damp has since developed into Medway’s Premier Independent Damp Proofing Service. The business model has changed once or twice over the decades, but years of experience coupled with our own innovative conservation solutions has allowed us to build an enviable portfolio of projects, in both the public and private sector. Renowned for offering exceptionally high standards of quality and service, we plan to continue to provide cost effective solutions and treatments for many years to come.
Quality and Transparency underpin everything we do. Which is why we only use trusted, premium brand materials and initial consultations are of no obligation to prospective clients. Upon completion of every project, a 20 Year Transferable Guarantee Certificate is provided to ensure peace of mind for all of our clients that their damp issue will not return.

Rochester Building and Damp’s primary method of damp control is to always rectify the source of causation. Whether that’s excavation to resolve a bridged DPC, or the removal and replacement of underground drainage.
Secondary to fixing the cause of damp, Rochester Building and Damp will in most cases ‘tank’ the affected wall.
Tanking slurry provides an impermeable barrier that adheres to masonry on a molecular level. We are certified specialists of this method with a great many years of experience.

Let’s take a look below at three timber and damp services we offer:



We offer our clients a full range of services. Including a comprehensive survey to identify the damp source and infected areas, treatment of those areas, resin repair of affected timbers and a full reinstatement of finishes.
A typical treatment  involves considerably more work than the simple spraying of timber with a wood preservative. The following is required to fully eradicate a fungal attack. A comprehensive scheme of chemical treatment along with a carefully detailed program of associated building work.
The Wood Rot treatment is extended in all directions from areas of known infestation. With the extent of the treatment being governed by the detectable growth of the fungi and the pattern of moisture present which supports the spread of the attack. It is essential that the remedial building work includes the rectification of the entry of moisture responsible for the attack. Along with the replacement of any structurally weakened timber with chemically treated timber.


Chemical Injection is a highly effective treatment method for Rising Damp in-situ. A solvent-free cream is injected into the base of the damp wall and it quickly spreads to create a moisture-repelling barrier. Due to its unique silicone formulation and emulsion base, this solution creates a damp-proof network permeable to water vapour. Meaning the damp walls are free to dry out naturally. Cream injection is both ecologically safe and non-hazardous to humans.


A highly innovative and powerful treatment, Electro Osmosis works as a rising damp solution by introducing a very small and perfectly safe electrical charge into the damp wall. This solution involves the use of a series of titanium anodes which are inserted into the damp wall just above ground level. They repel the rising moisture molecules down the wall and harmlessly back into the ground. As long as this tiny positive charge is maintained, the wall remains dry and damp free.

Importantly, the use of grade 1 commercially pure titanium in this system gives it outstanding reliability. The power unit; complete with an automatic L.E.D. for circuit malfunction detection, enjoys extremely low power consumption. Following fitting, the treated area is re-plastered to ensure the entire system is invisible.


All forms of damp can be rectified; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
If your heart is set on buying a particular property because of location, aesthetics, size or price, then be aware damp is not the insurmountable problem it’s often made out to be. We can provide you with a report and quotation that specifies a singular total cost for remedial works, should you wish proceed with purchasing the property. 
The same advise is applicable if you’re the vendor of a damp property. We can undertake a free of charge survey, so you can swiftly and effectively rectify the damp that’s delaying the sale of your property.
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