Shocking New Damp Report Relating to U.K. Property

A new report has shed light on the alarming number of properties affected by damp in the United Kingdom. The research conducted by Excalibur Management, revealed that over a third of properties in the UK are affected by damp and mould. The study found that the percentage of damp properties was higher in rented accommodation compared to homeowners. According to the report, 38% of rented accommodation was affected by damp and mould, compared to 30% of owner-occupied properties. This is a worrying trend, as it means that many tenants are living in unhealthy and potentially hazardous living conditions.

The research also highlighted the impact of current legislation pertaining to damp and mould on landlords. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 made it a legal requirement for landlords to ensure that their properties are fit for human habitation. This includes addressing issues such as damp and mould.
Landlords who fail to comply with this legislation can face hefty fines, and in some cases, even imprisonment. This has led to a significant increase in the number of landlords taking action to address damp and mould in their properties. The report found that 83% of landlords had taken steps to address damp and mould in their properties, with 57% investing in damp-proofing measures. This is a positive development, as it means that more tenants are living in safe and healthy accommodation.

However, the report also highlighted the need for further action to be taken, particularly in the private rented sector. The high percentage of rented accommodation affected by damp and mould is a cause for concern and highlights the need for better regulation and enforcement in this area.
Overall, this report serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ensuring that properties are safe and healthy for tenants. Landlords must take action to address issues such as damp and mould, and the government must continue to strengthen legislation in this area to ensure that tenants are protected from unsafe living conditions.

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