Works at Historic House and Renovation of Derelict Local Property

The documented remarks of Churchill regarding property ownership and avoidance of damp.   The transcribed paragraphs below form part of Winston Churchill’s after dinner speech given at The Old Findsbury Town Hall, Clerkenwell on 21st February 1938. The speech was intended to draw a parallel between the upkeep of ones home and preparation for the … Read more

Transposed Google Reviews

Please click on the ‘Testimonials’ link on the top right of the homepage; a number of highly respected institutions have kindly responded with some very complimentary feed-back. Additionally, we have transposed a number of former Google reviews below:             Pam Simmonds 2 reviews. 1 photo   1 week ago  Great service. Nice friendly chaps. They certainly … Read more

Damp Legislation to be Updated

   While legal action continues against a notorious Medway landlord, legislation looks set to be changed which takes into account current scientific knowledge of dangerous mould growth. The Essex based landlord who owns a vast portfolio of Medway property was originally under investigation for a civil matter involving several of his tenants. As the investigation … Read more

Rochester Building and Damp to Run Marathon

On Monday 6th May 2019, three members of the Rochester Building and Damp team will be running the Milton Keynes Marathon. Dan McLean, Edward Squires and Richard Ireland are currently in preparation for the event.  Updates will be made on social media in early January. Apparently the 26.2 mile course covers both areas of picturesque … Read more

Fairway Residential Lettings and Property Management

Fairway Residential Lettings and Property Management    An eminently respected independent local business. Established in 2004 and based in Gillingham, Fairway Residential Lettings cater to the higher end of the lettings market. Operating predominantly in Wigmore, Hempstead, Rainham and Upper Gillingham, but encompassing all of Medway, Fairway Residential Lettings have an impeccable reputation for reliability, … Read more

Local History, Ecology, Sustainability and Environmental Concerns.

Local History, Ecology, Sustainability and Environmental Concerns. Of the many forgotten attributes concerning Medway, the most unfortunate is the areas connection to brick making. Between 1170 to 1881, the manufacture of bricks in the South East radiated from dozens of brickfields located in close proximity to the River Medway . In addition to unrivaled housing … Read more

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