Technology Assisted Damp Detection

Rochester Building and Damp has over 30 years experience specialising in leak detection, damp proofing, damp control, wet rot and dry rot, woodworm, waterproofing and treating of mould and salt contamination. Our work has been undertaken in housing estates, industrial premises, commercial property and residential homes. Our clients have included hospitals, schools, universities, museums, cathedrals, … Read more

Damp Diagnostics Upgrade 2021

 “It’s in the best interests of any local business that serves the community, to stay one step ahead in the game with the required training, technology, tools and equipment. These essential purchases are the life-blood of any venture that has to weather the storm of current economic uncertainty”  Boris Johnson. Interview excerpt courtesy of South … Read more


    Don’t let rising damp ruin your property anymore! Let Rochester Building and Damp provide high-quality damp removal and building preservation services. Our damp surveys help identify the causes of damp. Let our experts assess the cause and magnitude of your damp problems to provide the right solution for your building. Get in touch … Read more

Don’t Ignore Rising Damp

  Rising damp can damage your property from within and can lead to costly repairs. Rochester Building and Damp can visit your property and provide effective damp proofing solutions. In addition to this, we provide solutions for dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm eradication. You can also approach us if you need cavity wall tie … Read more

A Typical Damp Proofing Job in Medway

Dave Pritchard. Damp Proofing Operative for Rochester Building and Damp Since 2014: We were asked by our client in Upnor to carry out a damp survey. Our damp survey found high levels of damp in the walls, in some areas saturated levels. There was also very little ventilation within the room and evidence of black … Read more

Rats and Damp Property in Medway

Water is a necessity of life and just like every other being on this planet, rats need it to survive. As such, a build-up of excessive moisture in your home can attract vermin, which only an effective pest control plan will be able to rectify. Damp and rats go hand in hand and often one of the … Read more

Need Damp Proofing in Rochester, Strood, Chatham, Gillingham or Maidstone ?

If you live in or near the Medway area and have found damp in your property then we can help. Our experienced team has been providing damp proofing services to domestic and commercial customers for years to deal with damp problems such as rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, dry rot and woodworm. What we can … Read more

Tenants Can Now Sue Landlords If Property Is Damp

Tenants Can Now Sue Landlords If Property Is Damp: Fitness for Human Habitation Act Update 2020 Tenants are now entitled to sue to sue their landlord if their property is unfit for human habitation. If landlords fail to ensure a property is free from an extensive range of problems, including damp and mould, tenants can … Read more

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